Additional features/accessories you can get for this model:

#1: Implanted Hair Feature


Akane, Abby, Kasumi, Shiori A, Shiori B, Sumire, Suzu, Lazuli


IRO-01, IRO-02, IRO-03, IRO-04, IRO-05, IRO-06, IRO-07, IRO-08, IRO-09

Eye Color

Red, Blue, Green, Violet

Skin Tone

White, Tan

Articulated Fingers

No, Yes


Cardboard, Flight Case

2 reviews for Irokebijin Silicone 160cm Kasumi

  1. David

    The service and goods are excellent, highly recommended!

  2. Jason

    Great experience! As a first time buyer I’m amazed at how realistic their products are. Will buy from them again!!!

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